Saturday, April 24, 2010

Work, Fish Sex, and Random Thoughts...

random thought of the day: i could totally finish that 12 egg omelet, adam richman. nut up.

i can't freakin' wait to be independently wealthy. i love my saturdays, where they're packed, but with fun things. i'm up early today so i can go get paid, then go see date night at the WGA theater, then get my hair did, then maybe possibly dinner with my wife and robby, who's decided he wants to be a surgical tech.

i'd like to say i'd still work, but i wouldn't. there's just no way in hell i'd be doing that. i know i'd probably go back to volunteering at the aquarium, though. that's not work, my friends, that's fish sex.

random thought of the day part deux: dear, darling andrew zimmern, please don't take this the wrong way, but i'm kind of hoping you die just so i don't have to watch you ingest disgusting things anymore. knock it off!

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