Tuesday, May 1, 2012


There's always a fallout, isn't there?

Let's back up.

I had an amazing Saturday.  I took the blue line into downtown Los Angeles with my mom and my aunt, and we only got lost once (although it was in Compton.)  We held our signs high and proud, took pictures with other protesters.  The atmosphere was positive, and there was a sense of solidarity.  Everyone was respectful of one another.  We marched around Pershing Square with a police escort, twice, and came back to listen to some amazing people (Sarah Silverman, Zack Galifianakis, feminist poets, etc.) do their thing onstage.  We dined at the Steel City Food Truck (Pierogis FTW!)

I expected that my sign would get some attention.  I didn't expect that an extremely unflattering picture of me holding the sign would then become blog fodder for conservatives, where the comments ranged from "Feminists are ugly" to "Stoopid Wimmin."

Serious sentiments.

I didn't expect to become "The Sandwich Creature."
I didn't expect for people to directly attack me.  I'm sure that awfulness will be on quickmeme before too long.

And I'll admit, it hurt.  And I cried.  I called my mom, I called my best friend, I called my husband.

Ultimately, it was a choice I made.  I stood up for something I believed in.  I carried a sign to show my support.  I marched.  And by putting myself out there publicly, I got some backlash.

Life goes on.  Yes, I considered never doing anything like that again.  But how chickenshit is that?  If you believe in something, stand up for it!

Trolls are evil.  One shouldn't feed them.  And in a week, I hope they have some new material.

Because fat girl sandwich jokes are a dime a dozen.  In fact, I think I could have written them better myself.

I am still so, so proud to have marched in a protest that I believe in alongside my wonderful aunt and mom.  That is an experience I wouldn't trade for the world.

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  1. And we will do it again! You looked awesome on that day. At least we stand for something and take action, instead of sitting back and belittling someone else. Just remember, KARMA IS A BITCH!!