Monday, July 5, 2010

Crock of Love

dear crockpot,

from the beginning, it's been magic. the heat we create, the chemistry...

remember the barbequed chicken i made? so sassy and you.

and the mac n cheese? so warm and you.

and the pulled pork? so meaty and, like a juicehead.

but i digress.

crockpot, since you came into my life, i have had time to not only cook dinner, but to update my blog, and unpack boxes! i can do laundry, and i can feed three growing boys ranging in ages from 22 - 30!

remember when we went to that little cabin in the woods, and found the sweetest tree swing, and i showed you how i could rotate my head completely to the back, a la linda blair? thank god that lumberjack was there to take our picture!

and then, when we went to that nude beach on spring break in college? i did that head thing again. that lifeguard thought you were such a hoot!

watch those hands, mr.!!

we've been inseparable since the day we moved in together:

oh crockpot, you so crazy. i want to have your crock-babies.

(pics were helpfully edited by my fiance matt, because i sat down to do it, and his computer was like, "bitch please." and i was like, "who are you calling a bitch, bitch?" and it said "you!" and i was all, "oh. well then." and then i cried so matt helped the end by sarah.)


  1. Love, Love, Love the post. (ALMOST as much as you love crocky). I'm here to stay and follow. Thanks for being so damn interesting.
    The last part was so funny. You shouldn't fight with computers, don't you know they always FREAKIN win. They are so damn smart.
    hope you can check me out

  2. thanks! i'm following back, btw. :)

    computers think they're so smart. wait until we invent the flying car...;p