Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Let's Hear It For The Boys

i live with three boys. not bad, amirightladies? *wink*

okay, it's not THAT kind of living situation. my fiance and i share a 3 bedroom house with two other boys. one is very tall, and i have known him for many years. the other is almost as tall, and is fresh outta the military. they both love their units very much:

why? what did you think i was talking about?

living with boys has it's ups and downs. one of the downs is that they are considerably louder than a girl. even your most nerdy, geeky, hacker of a boy comes with his very own set of sounds and none of them are quiet. it's like an episode of the Batman TV series in here.

some examples of sounds are:


okay, i made that last one up. but seriously. it could very well happen.

ha. ok, i'm done now.

there's a lot of pausing at shows called "best bra ever!" on the home shopping network.

(if this isn't the best bra ever, i'm not sure what is.)

not one of them will let me help with their games. and i am very, very helpful.

but there's also some really cool things about living with boys:

someone always opens the jars for you.

someone tall always reaches the tall things for you, though this is usually done after they watch you jump up and down and try to climb on the counter for it first.

someone takes the lead on minor household repairs.

there's always someone to throw to the jehovah's witnesses who come to the door. ("my hair isn't done, could you get that?")

you never, ever feel bad about snoring. because let's be honest, who makes worse sounds while they sleep?

plus, they will always, no questions asked, help me make a fort. and that, ladies, is the best quality one can find in a man.

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