Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shocking Sarah News

okay, it's not actually shocking. it's 5 am and i can't sleep. i actually haven't been to bed yet. i waited up to see if my fiance and roommate would come home from clubbing in hollyweird in one piece, and was never quite able to doze off. and, in my personal experience, it's better to get up and DO something when you can't sleep, rather than lay there and think about why you can't sleep, and visualize murdering the person next to you who is blissfully and ignorantly sawing logs.

where was i?

oh yes.

so i decided to do a quick writing prompt that i found in a friend's blog, instead.

it's a thinker, folks.

"Show the most recent picture of you and list 15 random things about yourself."

okay, most recent picture:

there. my dirty secret is out. i'd pretend i'm all embarrassed by this photo, but since i spent a good few minutes making it earlier and it is currently my facebook profile picture, i'll just say this:

i regret nothing.

now for the 15 random facts:

1. it's raining like a mofo outside right now. some might say it's reminiscent of a cow pissing on a flat rock. but then, not everyone can have the eloquence of my father.

2. i love weird socks. toe socks are my favorite, with stripedy socks coming in a close second. third, would be my candy corn socks. i have 4 different pair, and i am legitimately torn over which pair to wear each day.

3. i have had my facebook language set to "english: pirate" for the past two years. the only time it gets in the way is when a friend asks how to access something and i have to tell them to go into "yer ship's plank."

4. i am a horrible wine drinker. i like all the wrong kinds of wine that most wine snobs (winers? wineys? winos?) turn their noses up at (though i do stop short at arbor mist and wine in a box. which i'm told can be lovely, so really, it's probably just a matter of time.) but next time you eat something spicy, try a moscato. this is especially good with curry.

5. i just finished downloading "ice ice baby" and "mmm mmm mmm mmm". 90's kid all the way!

6. i am currently the owner (along with the fiance, of course) of a singing fish, an inflatable moose head, and a can of spring snakes. also, we have a giant leopard print rug. because we like to keep it klassy.

7. i have 8 tattoos.

8. and i want more.

9. i hate crowds. i really, really hate them. there usually comes a point where, if i am surrounded by enough people, i will just stop and cover my face and yell for my fiance until he comes to get me.

10. i have had many people close to me pass away. and while this is really sad, i am so, so lucky that our paths crossed for the brief time i had them in my life. i am a better person for it.

11. movies i could watch over and over again include: almost famous, the kevin smith jersey series, practical magic, wizard of oz, and zombieland.

12. after i finish doing this, i'm going to go bake a cake. because what else do you do at 5:30am when you're up?

13. when i was little, i got in a pretty bad bike accident. to this day, it severely affects me to see other people fall off their bike or hit their head. i was watching 19 duggars and counting the other day and their little girl fell off her bike, tumbled down a hill, and gashed her face up. i almost threw up. i have no idea how my future children will ever be allowed to ride a bike.

14. i like every kind of music. it's just as common to find me watching the CMA's as it is to find me watching the Grammy's or the AMA's.

15. i don't like pizza. for some reason, this horrifies people. i think i just served it so many times over the years to the elementary kids i worked with that i am now offended by the smell.

there now. don't you feel so much closer to me, having read that?

now if you'll excuse me, there's a cake to bake. and maybe then i'll be tired enough to squeeze a nap in.


  1. Those are nice tidbits to know. But I want to know one thing...why in your myspace do you quote, "I like pizza, Steve."

  2. yay! you did it! :)
    Now I need to know...Was cake for Breakfast? :) hehe